• Gamification

    User Experience


  • Gamification

    Concept Scoring

    Do you have an existing campaign concept or application? A live campaign that isn't performing to expectations? We can measure it against gamification best practices. Using our proprietary scoring method, we'll score your concept and provide a report with recommendations on how you can increase overall engagement.

    Game Design

    Looking to bring some gamification to your campaign, application or process? We'll work closely with your team to understand your player motivations and to define the game mechanics, dynamics and aesthetics that will make your idea a success. We'll create a Game Design Document that you can use to as a guide during creative development and the build.

  • User Experience

    Wireframes & User Flows

    Wireframing is our specialty. Working with your team - including strategy, creative & tech - we develop a UX Design Document that clearly describes what you're building. By providing a clear understanding of the project scope, this document helps your project stay on time and on budget. We have extensive experience wiring web sites (including mobile web & responsive), web apps, native mobile apps and CMS systems.


    There's nothing like a fully functional prototype to test your concept. Our prototypes are built using HTML5 and we use JavaScript and Chrome's WebSQL to simulate the back-end, making the prototype feel like the real thing. To save you time & money, we can slice up and create well-formed HTML and CSS. This code can then be used pretty much as is for development (if you provide final creative).

  • Development

    Web Development

    If it can run in a browser, we can build it. From corporate web sites & blogs to applications integrated with social media & games, we can deliver. We are technology agnostic - our process starts with understanding your project before we select the technology that best fits your needs.
    We also specialize in custom WordPress themes & plug-ins and we can setup your WordPress site. We provide training so that you can manage your site.

    Mobile Development

    We're fanatic users of mobile apps and games. Whatever your mobile development needs, we'll work with you to make your ideas a reality.


  • MadCap Learning Adventure

    A new way for teacher assisted in-class learning in the public school system.

    The Ask

    Collaborate with researchers to conceptualize interactive learning for the classrooms through a web application.

    Create a system that is engaging and fun, which does more than recite information to the students. With teacher facilitation, it encourages students to explore.

    The Solution

    • Wire all aspects of the gamified system.
    • Execute the Project Management for the 11 month project.
    • Execute functional design for most system elements.
    • Develop the teacher's portion of the system, the main site, and analytics for the system which includes a system integrated custom Wordpress theme.
    • Produce consolidated analysis of usage for MadCap.
  • Karma Co-op

    Digital Rennovation

    The Ask

    Perform a usability assessment and recommend improvements to the user experience and content discovery.

    Consolidate static content and disparate CMS systems into one unified CMS solution.

    The Solution

    • Perform a content audit to inform the new architecture.
    • Prune content to maximize user experience.
    • Develop a UX Design Document.
    • Re-design look and feel for the site.
    • Position content to better reach the site's demographics.
    • Add site usage tracking.
    • Develop a custom Wordpress Theme.
  • Aviva Brokerage Microsite System

    A system that allows brokers to create their own custom acquisition & retention campaigns.

    The Ask

    Design a Drupal module to generate leads to achieve client acquisition and retention. Brokers will have the ability to download their client leads and build on the broker value proposition. A custom contest at the broker level will incent clients to provide brokers with their policy expiry date information for lead follow-up.

    The Solution

    • Become domain experts.
    • Spec out Drupal Modules.
    • Create user flows for the Actors in the system.
    • Develop the wireframes for the entire user experience.
    • Provide technical annotations for the development team.
  • Dark Grind

    The Dark Grind is a location based mobile game themed in a film noir version of our world. It's still in concept development and we're looking to launch a beta in early 2014. There will be many surprises revealed as you progress through the game.

    The Solution

    • Create the Game Design Document.
    • Prototype in Android.
    • Integrate single sign-on.
    • Create highly stylized Google Map.
    • Integrate with the new Google Game APIs.
    • Develop monitization model.
  • Dragon Rider

    This is a little web-based game that was inspired by the classic arcade game Joust. It's mainly a playground that's helping us understand browser based game development. It's a work in progress that will be first released in the Google Chrome store once we feel it's ready.

    The Solution

    • Learn the ImpactJS game engine.
    • Design health, power and point system.
    • Build sprite tracking engine for targeting.
    • Create dragon fire animation.
    • Design sprite sheets.
    • Design backgrounds and scenery.
    • Create HUD interface.
    • Integrate audio.